Lysistrata:  Summary and Information

It’s show all about sex.  10 years into civil war, the women of Greece band together to withhold sex from their husbands.  Hilarity ensues, with one of the raunchiest, most obscene plays that exist from the ancient Greeks.

As the flyer above suggests, shows are this Friday (4pm), Saturday (1pm and 8pm), and Sunday (1pm).  Friday will be just outside the University of Maryland Stamp Student Union, in the outdoor theater, while Saturday and Sunday will be inside Stamp in a room called “The Atrium.”

The show is completely free, and no ticket is required.  Just come on by, sit down, and we’ll entertain you.

The Harsh Realities

This show truly hits home on all aspects:

  • The war in the play has gone on about as long as the Iraq/Afghanistan war
  • Women are located in a subservient, less respected place in society
  • Sex is a universal fun time

Like Americans today, the Greeks were quite tired of their useless war, and public support was in the toilet.  Likewise, sex has always been fun, be it over two thousand years ago or today.

A Warning:  What You’ll See on Stage

The original was written as a mockery of women, along the lines of “Oh, how funny it would be if they were fairly represented in society.”  I, however, and directing it quite differently.  What you will so is a feminist reinterpretation, complete with powerful women and idiotic men throughout the show.

This show is also very obscene, crude, rude, and just plain politically incorrect.  Parents are strongly urged to consider fully bringing their children.  Every swear in the book will be said, in addition to every overtly sexual euphemism.


If you have questions, please email me at


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